As Of Right Now

I got my first tattoo on Monday and I am absolutely in love with it - Lennon is starting to go to doggy daycare a couple of days a month. It gives him a chance to run around and socialize with his puppy friends and it gives mama a little break which is a wonderful and glorious thing - I was so blessed with texts and well wishes on my birthday this month.  I was touched by everyone’s sweet thoughts - I have started to keep a little journal filled with thoughts, doodles, and lists. It’s currently one of my favorite things to do - My book club is reading “Through the Looking Glass” this month and I have loved being transported to such a magical place every time I open up my book - I have also been doing lots of reading/listening lately about feminism. I’m trying to figure out all of my opinions on things and where I stand on the subject - My dad came to visit me this month and it was so nice to have him around for a few days and to catch up - I’ve been bowling twice this month and have discovered that I love it - I’ve also been thinking about traveling a lot and am compiling a list of all the places I would love to go.            

xx, Em