Some of Lennon's Favorite Things

One of my favorite days each month is the day when I put in Lennon's Chewy order! Since adopting him it has been so much fun to pick out his treats and toys and little things that make him happy. Today I thought I would share with you some of Lennon's favorite things right now. Some of them are things that he has loved since I first got him and some are new favorites. This might be something where I continue to do posts like this in the future, I'm not sure yet. But I love seeing what other people get their fur babies and I thought it could be fun!

First things first is Lennon's little Kong toy. My mom got this for him before I even brought him home and he loves it as much now as he did then. It's the perfect little distraction for him when I need to do some dishes or laundry. I just pop in a few of his favorite treats and he is set for a few minutes. Lennon is also, what we call, "a destroyer". As much as he loves stuffed toys, they only last about a day. He loves to drag, and play, and chew. And once he starts working on a toy he won't stop until all of the stuffing is out. Because of this I have had to find a lot of chews and durable toys that can last with his little teeth. He has a couple favorite chews, but his Nylabone is one that he has had since the beginning. It's something easy for him to grab or take in his crate and he can spend all the time in the world gnawing on it.  

When my sister was here recently she taught Lennon how to play fetch. I've had tennis balls around for him from day one but lately he loves to bring the ball to mommy to throw. I got this one from Petco for $0.99 and it's actually his favorite! Speaking of things Lennon loves: treats! I have so much fun picking out which goodies are going to be in my little boy's delivery each month. Recently we tried Rachel Ray's new Deli Cut's treats and Lennon was a HUGE fan. He prefers meaty flavors to sweet things and these smelled just like they came straight from the deli. We will definitely be grabbing these again. 

Finally, I can't talk about things that I get for Lennon without talking about Pet Corrector. This has been my saving grace. Lennon is the sweetest boy, but he does have a habit of wanting to chew or bite on certain things that he shouldn't. When that happens I pull out the Pet Corrector. It just lets out a little hiss sound but it makes him stop whatever he is doing. It's worked better for me than anything else that I have tried and I always like to have some on hand. 

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at some of Lennon's favorite things. It's fun to talk about the things that make my little boy happy! 

Photo Credit: Captured By Alyssa

xx, Em