Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

My goal for my bedroom is for it to be a place I can go to relax. I want it to be minimal, but inspiring, and full of things that make me happy. Essentially, I want it to be a peaceful space where I can go when I need a little "me" time. It's really the only room in the house that is just for me. Lennon's toys aren't all over the floor, I keep it closed off, and not many people go into my room. I still have things that I want to do with it, but I love what I've done so far. 

The first project that I really tackled in my room is my mini gallery wall. I love art and photographs and have really tried to incorporate them anywhere I can. I wanted this wall to consist manly of black and white images and a few of my favorite photos. I had my favorite picture of my fashion muse, Alexa Chung, one of my favorite Linda McCartney pics, and my favorite picture of Paul and Martha blown up and then framed. The Stevie Nicks print was something that I had gotten from Society6 a long time ago and I found the "War is Over" print online.  

I was blessed in my apartment with a lot of closet space in my bedroom, but I knew that I wanted to have a clothing rack where I could lay out my outfits for the week or display some of my favorite pieces. I got mine from Ikea and it's great! I also wanted to dress up that wall so I decided to hang up some of my favorite hats and then display some of my favorite little trinkets in geometric shelves that I got from Target.  

My bed is one thing that I am still working on. I have a wonderful mattress that my parents had gotten me for my birthday last year but I would love to dress it up with cute sheets and throw pillows. I had also purchased an upholstered headboard back when I lived in MD that I wasn't able to bring down when I moved. I would love to have a tufted headboard!

I have to thank my friend, Alyssa, again for taking all these pictures of my space! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse at my bedroom! 

xx, Em