My Return to Blogging (& Life Lately in Instagrams)

Contrary to popular opinion I did not fall off the face of the earth or get hit by a bus. Life hit me. Over the past couple of months I have just been so caught up in work and other craziness and unfortunately my blog suffered because of it. I have to admit that there were days where I wondered whether I should even come back to this blog. I mean, is anyone out there still reading this? Did anyone even care that this blog was void of posts for a few months? But eventually I began to feel a hole start to form that only this creative outlet could fill. So I'm back! I can't promise that it'll be perfect but I do plan on being around a lot more often. 

For now, here is a small update about what's been going on in my life for the past few months, in instagram form. 

1. I had the opportunity to see James Bay live. One of the best nights ever. 2. Coffee at one of my favorite places downtown: Fido. 3. Spending as much time by the pool as possible. 4. I had the opportunity to go home for a week and spend time with friends and family. Some amazing memories were made on that trip. 5. I've had so much fun trying out new restaurants and coffee shops in town. I've seriously had some of the best food in my life since moving to Nashville. This was just one of my many favorites. 6. This was taken of my sister and I right before we went to see Seth MacFarlane in concert. We were first row. It was such an incredible night and a surreal experience. 7. Enjoying brunch at Biscuit Love. 8. One of the best cups of coffee in town at Frothy Monkey. 

Peace and Love,